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When designing a character I try to understand and give reasons for every detail from their looks, actions, and thoughts.

 So it's much more than just illustration but like giving birth to a new life. I will keep making characters and expanding their worlds until my last day when I finally rest in peace among all my children.  Now I just have to find a way to sound less like a creepy cult leader.


The creation of the world has been the biggest question for mankind for centuries. So before science, we tried to understand the mystery by making stories with what we saw in nature which is now known as mythology. I was always fascinated by how different kinds of cultures developed their own versions of mythology, wanting to make my own genesis.


When I’m awake, I daydream about things that don’t make sense. When I’m sleeping, I dream about things that don’t make sense. So most of my ideas don’t really make sense.

That’s what I love about animations,

that I can turn that nonsense into an art.

Having fun!

Some things I did for fun, but quite proud that I've decided to put on my portfolio website.



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