Live Media Performance

Gan Ji Pok Pung


Team Project


Junar Kim (Art Director)

Joohyuck Park (Technical Director)

Korean traditional music, Pungmul has long been a show enjoyed by many of our ancestors. However, with modern performances offering spectacular audio-visual stimulation, it became harder and harder for pungmul to attract people, and became alienated from everyday life.

So we tried to combine the elements of pungmul with creative technology so that audience could enjoy whole new pungmul. The sevens screens surrounding the studio interacts with movements and sounds of performers, giving audience such an immersive experience. Interacted musical instruments which make the audience excited, are exquisitely programmed, creating synergy through performance and its interaction.

ACT I: 사물놀이

Korean percussion quartet

ACT II: 설장구

Stand-up Drum

ACT III: 소고춤

Tabor Dance


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