Oversea Project



Team Project

Junar Kim, Hyukjin Seo,

Dongmin Kim, Kitae Yang

In 2015, our team <Anissance> was selected for “Global Human Resources Development Program” in Sogang University. 

In Korea, animation is yet more like a merchandise, mostly for young children. But in Europe, animation is accepted as art itself. Countries like France and Swiss financially supports animators and their creative production activities to achieve cultural diversity, not profit-making. 

So we traveled through Europe visiting animation associations, schools and museums and meeting various animators like Michel Ocelot the director of the famous film “Prince and Princess”. We interview each one of them asking.

The biggest idea we've had all along the trip was a longing for environment for animators. First of all, they looked so happy. It was so well seen that he had a great affection for what he had done, doing or will do. Even though they were all adults, they told their stories with eyes shining more than children. They were all so passionate and pure.

Certainly it was opportunity for us to learn so much both personally and socially. These meetings allowed us to think about the values as an animator and talk about how to bring ‘Animation Renaissance’ together.

All Rights Reserved to Junar Kim

All Rights Reserved to Junar Kim