I must say that this project is the most meaningful work personally because she was my first original character ever made and has developed constantly with me over the years. 

It first began with a phrase ‘La llorona’ which is a ghost of a weeping woman from a Latin American folklore. Before knowing its meaning, I heard it from a Mexican song that I really love called <La llorona> by Chavela Vargas.


Then I learned that it was also a name for my favorite painting, <The Weeping Woman> by Pablo Picasso. So I fell in love with la llorona, wanting to make

my own version of it.


Thus I first made a shirt of a weeping macaw for a school project. It’s obviously macaw version of <The Weeping Woman> by Picasso. The macaw is weeping about its devastated home, crying out SOS (Save Our Shelter!). 

After few years, I started to make 2D animations. I really loved my weeping macaw shirt so I somehow wanted to improve it. That’s how I came up with an idea of

‘The weeping macaw woman’.


The goal of designing her was to give an image of macaw without obviously giving animal head or wings to the character. I gave details to her clothes. Then I wondered what a macaw woman would weep about, so I gave a story of her not able to wear heels because of her macaw feet. 


1st Sketch
I hated it


2nd Design
I didn't like it


3rd Design
I'm loving it



It was short but she was the first actual my own character I ever made. Thankfully, many people loved her for her originality and how she was having compression of my colors over few years. What I made was a ‘Scarlet Macaw’ woman so I made her sister, the blue macaw woman and I also loved her.


Then came the craving to create the world and story just for my characters.


Going through a whole new dimension, 2D to 3D, the weeping macaw woman has now become The Scarlet Macaw Queen of The Blue Sky. Starting from her, I made Queens of the Seven Skies. Then Goddess of the Sun, God of the Moon, Kings of the Five Oceans, Children of the Six Lands and all of their story about a 

Creation of the World were created. 


All Rights Reserved to Junar Kim